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Carriage House Animal Hospital

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Since 1960

Full Service Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery in Southeast Minnesota

Carriage House Animal Hospital has been serving the needs of Kasson, MN, and the surrounding communities for over 60 years. We provide a variety of Companion Animal services that include Wellness Exams, Vaccinations, Sick Pet Services, Surgeries, and End of Life Care.

We are proud members of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA), and Veterinary Hospitals Association (VHA).

Veterinary Services

Wellness & Immunization Appointments

Preventing illness is our goal at Carriage House Animal Hospital, this is best achieved through annual wellness exams and immunizations. Our wellness care appointments include a physical examination of your dog or cat from nose to tail.

For dogs we recommend intestinal parasite exams along with yearly screening for Heartworm Disease, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis. There are a variety of vaccines available that we can have a conversation about during the appointment time to make sure we are doing what is best for your dog.

For our feline patients we recommend intestinal parasite exams along with an initial screening test for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. There are a variety of vaccines available that we can discuss with you during your appointment time to ensure that your feline friend is well protected.

Diet & Nutrition

There are a multitude of pet foods to choose from. A common question we get is, “What should I be feeding my pet?” We are here to help you with all your questions.

As your pet ages questions go from, “When do I stop feeding a puppy/kitten diet?” to “When do I start on a Senior pet diet?” We understand that these are very important questions and there is no one size fits all program. Often in the course of a pet’s lifetime there can be issues (allergies/kidney disease/bladder stones) that can require a diet change to improve health. We are available to discuss your concerns and help with the next steps.

We all love our pets, but sometimes our love is food. An overweight pet can develop many of the same issues as people. Overweight pets are more prone to diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease among other illnesses. An over the counter or prescription diet is a good first step on the road to weight loss.


If you have a pet who likes to live outdoors or escape for a vacation now and then, it is important that they are microchipped. Microchipping your pet is the best way to be reunited with them in the event they are lost. Microchips can be implanted at any time.

We utilize Home Again microchips. Your one-of-a-kind microchip will be registered as soon as we implant it in your pet. Microchips are computer chips with unique numbers that are implanted underneath the skin, usually between the shoulder blades, that can be read with a universal scanner. Veterinary clinics and pet shelters often have these devices and can contact you if they find your pet. These chips do not have GPS tracking.

Heartworm Parasites

Heartworms are worms that can be found in the bloodstream and if left untreated adult heartworms mature inside the heart chambers. This type of infection is very serious and if left untreated can shorten your pet’s life.

A heartworm test is a simple blood test that can be done right in the room while performing the exam. As an added bonus, the test also checks for 3 tick borne diseases: Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis. Our goal is to treat these issues before any symptoms arise.


If your pet is ill or injured, it is vital that we can see both inside and out. Our technologies in digital radiology, ultrasonography, and laboratory services allow us to do just that.

Urinalysis: Provides information about kidney and bladder health. We offer same day results if urine samples are brought in before 4:30 pm. If you are unable to bring in your sample within an hour after collecting it we ask that you place the sample in your fridge.

Bloodwork: Gives us information about internal organ function, red and white blood cell health, and thyroid function. We possess the ability to address your concerns same-day with in-clinic blood analyzers.

Radiographs: (aka x-rays) can be an important diagnostic tool to examine your pets health. We offer digital radiographs in-clinic that can be read by our doctors immediately. For more complicated cases we have the capability to send radiographs to a board certified radiologist.

Ultrasonography: Sometimes a 2-D image isn’t enough to know what is going on inside your pet. We offer both echocardiograms and abdominal ultrasounds. We utilize a Board Certified ultrasonographer that travels to our clinic.

Reproductive Services

We offer progesterone testing, vaginal cytology, semen collection and artificial insemination as part of our reproductive services for dogs.

For confirmation of pregnancy we offer two options: Ultrasound can be used to detect pregnancy after 35 days of gestation. X-rays can be completed after 55 days of gestation. C-sections are available for patients that require them.

In-House Pharmacy

We offer a convenient in-house pharmacy for our clients! We stock prescription diets by Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan and Hill’s Science Diet for your pet’s nutritional needs; a variety of preventatives to protect your pet against fleas, ticks, and mosquitos; and a range of medical and supplemental medicines to ensure their health needs are being met.

Behavioral Medicine

We understand that having a happy, well behaved pet is what everyone desires. Sometimes our friends come with a little extra personality. We are here to listen to your concerns and guide you in your next steps.

Common concerns that we hear about are: anxious behaviors, inappropriate bathroom habits, excessive barking, chewing, and more. We can recommend area trainers that will help with behavioral issues or medications that can help with anxiety behaviors.

Urgent Exam

While we try our best to prevent illnesses, we recognize that your pet may need urgent care. We will try to get your pet in as soon as we can to resolve their symptoms.

We may ask you to bring in a fecal or urine sample for your appointment. Videos of your pet coughing or seizing can be very helpful at your appointment. During the appointment you can expect to meet with one of our certified veterinary technicians where they will ask you general health history questions. Soon after one of our doctors will meet with you to address any concerns you may have with your pet.

Pet Dentistry

We offer in-house Dental Services. This includes teeth cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler, a complete dental exam, polishing, and the ability to complete digital dental x-rays. We also offer tooth sealant (when a tooth is fractured), vital pulpotomy, and extraction services.

Halitosis (aka bad breath) can put a damper on any relationship. We are here to help both our canine and feline friends freshen their breath. Routine dental cleanings help to decrease gingivitis (gum disease) and tartar build-up which can be a cause of halitosis. After the teeth are cleaned we fill out a dental examination chart for each pet so that we can track any issues we find, such as teeth staining, gingival pocketing, gingival recession, and any fractured or loose teeth.

Sometimes fractured teeth can be repaired with sealants, this is like putting a new layer of enamel over the site of the tooth fracture. If a pet has a recently fractured tooth that is bleeding we may recommend a vital pulpotomy procedure. If the tooth can not be repaired or is loose due to bone loss we also offer extraction of any teeth that are unhealthy or may be painful to our patient.

Gastrointestinal Parasite Control

Yearly fecal examinations are recommended to keep on top of your pet’s intestinal parasites. We can complete in-house fecal testing during your pet’s appointment. For best results, it is recommended to bring a fresh sample (samples can be refrigerated for up to 12 hours if you can’t get it here right away) to your pet’s appointment. During this exam we are looking for any parasite eggs that may be in your pet’s stool sample. What we like to see are negative results but we can help you out if this is not the case. We offer a variety of worming agents to best fit you and your pet’s lifestyle.

External Parasites

During our examination we will look at your pet’s skin for any signs of fleas, mites, or ticks. Prevention is our goal so that our patients never have to suffer from any of these afflictions.

During spring, summer, and fall it is common to find ticks on pets that come into the clinic. This is a problem for both dogs and cats that like to be outside. Sometimes we forget that even though our inside cat doesn’t go outside he or she can still get parasites from the other four legged family members.

Fleas and ear mites are never fun for the patient, but if we do see these pests, we have safe, Veterinary approved products on hand to aid in treatment.

Surgical Services

If your companion needs surgery, we can help. We offer routine surgical services such as spay (female) and neuter (male), as well as non-routine surgeries such as: c-sections, minor eyelid repair, cystotomies, exploratories, and mass removal.

If your pet requires orthopedic or advanced soft tissue surgery, we have partnered with Highline Veterinary Services and Twin Cities Veterinary Surgery to offer Board Certified surgeons.

Before your pet is put under anesthesia for any procedure a certified veterinary technician will go over a Pre-Surgical Form. Any questions or concerns will be addressed at this time.

Tick Borne Diseases

Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis are all diseases that can be spread by ticks. Any of these diseases can lead to your pet showing signs of ill health.

A simple blood test can be performed right in the room during your exam. This test will check for heartworms, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis.

Some of the most commonly noted symptoms with these tick diseases are:

Lyme Disease: Fever, anorexia, lethargy, lameness.

Anaplasmosis: lameness, joint pain, fever, lethargy, and lack of appetite

Ehrlichiosis: Fever, depression, lethargy, weight loss, anorexia, enlarged lymph nodes, lameness, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, abnormal bleeding or bruising.

Chiropractic Services

Yes, pets have chiropractors too! Dr. Andrea Sperl recently started to travel to our practice to help patients in the area. For more information you can visit her website.

End Of Life Care

Saying goodbye to a faithful companion is a difficult decision. Helping you along this journey is one we take seriously and are honored to do. If your pet’s quality-of-life is such that it is time to say goodbye, we will help your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge with dignity and respect. We offer simple and private cremation options through Cherished Pet Cremation of Hayfield, MN or you are welcome to bring your pet home if you have a spot to bury them.

Community Veterinary Care

We are proud to be a locally-owned veterinary practice dedicated to caring for animals in the Kasson, MN community for over 60 years. We care about this community because we work and live in this community. We don’t just care for this neighborhood; we care for this neighborhood’s pets!